My Experiences at WhirliGig in Elizabethtown, PA

Wander down the main street in Elizabethtown, PA, and you are bound to discover the glass-fronted building of WhirliGig Unique Boutiques and Creations Re-Imagined (this is probably after you’ve caught the fantastic aroma of chocolate wafting by from the nearby Dove factory, so you will know you are in the right place).

Stepping inside, you’re greeted by some warm, wonderful people and some of the coolest upcycled and hand-crafted items–furnishings, décor, jewelry, art, soaps, candles, quilts, leather goods (yes, that’s mine!).

I’ve been selling there for several months now, and so far the experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Okay, I don’t have those Hollywood filmmakers knocking on my door to design and create costumes yet–however, if you ARE from Hollywood and like my work, please contact me via my e-mail! I wasn’t expecting to be able to quit my day job (yet) but that’s a goal for the future.

I’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons so far:

  • It’s great to have a place where my goods can be found regularly. Up until now, I’ve done shows and sold to friends and family through Facebook and via word of mouth. Having even a small spot in a brick-and-mortar has been a God-send as people can find my things even when I can’t be around.
  • No packing car/set up/break down/pack car/unpack car. Others who have done craft shows know exactly what I mean. At first I was a little skeptical of renting what amounted to a smaller piece of real estate (typical booths are 10′ x 10′) but paying a similar price for a one-time setup that sits still, aside from decorative changes, was the way to go. My weekends can be mine again.
  • Someone else is minding the store. In this case, the lady minding the place is a fabulously fun and friendly lady with a jubilant, positive personality and a joy to be around. And she’s there on a regular schedule, which results in…
  • Better sales. Someone may not have made up their mind to buy at the craft show and when they did it was too late because I already packed up to go, but they can come back to the brick-and-mortar where they might have to wait a whole month/year and will likely have forgotten about the items by then.

To sum up–at first I was a little leery but after checking the place out, asking questions of the proprietor, and reading the contract, I took the plunge, and am glad I did.

Autumn Covenant Leather Creations

Welcome all! Maybe you’ve just stumbled upon this site, or possibly it came up in an active search for handcrafted leather goods. Either way, thank you for visiting the site and taking the time to check out this blog and the products available.

Leather is a relatively new passion for me–at least in creating items from it. I’ve always been a big fan of leather jackets and shoes. My current love affair with the medium began in the late spring of 2017 when I desired to make my own quiver, and disliked many of the ones I saw available as they were made of synthetic materials, or very expensive real leather with little character or uniqueness to them. I made my first quiver out of the sleeve of an up cycled 1970’s suede jacket. It worked, but was rather flimsy.

Leather Archery Arm Bracer with Elven Markings

Thus began my quest to craft a quiver. Which lead to creating an armguard (pictured above). Which lead to making bracers. Which lead to making bracelets. And bags. And belts. Then, a leather corset, which I wore to my “local” Renaissance Faire to many compliments and rave reviews.

So many people had asked me about the items I made, including “do you sell them?”

The answer at the time was, appallingly, no. But that’s changed. I’m making a lot of my smaller unique items available at any time right here on this website, and am open to crafting custom items. If you’re interested, take a look at the shop or at the gallery.

Thanks again, and hope you enjoy browsing the site!