About the Artist

Autumn Covenant Leather Creations was founded by Victoria R. Neff (that’s me), an artist passionate about crafting art in general and leather goods in particular.  An artist practically since birth, I have created in many diverse fields and media; drawing, oil painting, sculpting, precious metals and gemstones, stained-glass, digital and the list goes ever onward.

Right-brain whimsy met left-brain practicality when the need for archery supplies sent me sniffing out a means to create my own unique accessories. From that, Autumn Covenant Leather Creations was born.

All of the products are crafted with the fantasy LARP/SCA in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something fun to sport every day!

I strive to use only ethically-sourced leather and animal products in my crafts, as well as environmentally-friendly dyes and finishes. I care about this precious gift of the Earth to which we’ve been entrusted by God.

The store is named not only for my favorite time of year (and what artist doesn’t love the autumn with all the colors!) as well as the Covenant between God and man, realized through the salvation brought by Christ the Son.

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